The best strategies we have tested are all good but you must remember just because a strategy did well in the past does not mean that it will be the best over the next 10 years.

It is however still very likely that it will do extremely well.

Of all the good strategies you have to choose one that fits you best. We are all different and the best strategy is one with a good track record, but even more important, is the one that lets you sleep well at night.

And even though there are strategies that may have performed better the strategy we suggest you take a serious look at is Qi Value as its returns are likely to be more stable over time because it uses all the best valuation ratios we have tested.

You can read more about the strategy and back-test here:

You can of course combine Qi Value with price momentum (6 or 12 month momentum will work fine).

We also recommend that you use a strategy to minimise your losses.
If you use momentum in your investment strategy we recommend that you use a trailing stop loss of which you can read more here:

If you are looking for undervalued companies you can use a trailing stop loss or a fundamental stop loss.

You can find more information on both here: